HC JRD Cheer is acknowledged as the Premier Cheer Organization in Flemington within the Hunterdon Central sending district. We provide children with an opportunity to perform in an organized, supervised, safety-oriented environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions
About Jr Red Devils Cheer


Do you have to live in the Hunterdon Central sending district to cheer for JRD Cheer?


  • No, JRD Cheer is open to all cheerleaders from any sending district.


Does JRD Cheer offer extended season cheerleading programs?


  • Yes, JRD Cheer offers a try-out Sr. Rec team, in addition to a non-tryout Jr Rec and Youth Rec team which will compete after the regular season is over, until the beginning of January. The Sr. Rec team ends at UCA High School Nationals in February. You need to be registered for our rec program to compete on any of these three teams.


Why does JRD Cheer follow UCA?


  • JRD Cheer’s goal is to have our cheerleaders follow the same path as our surrounding high school and college teams, including Hunterdon Central cheer.


What is UCA?


  • Universal Cheerleaders Association. www.varsity.uca.com


What is the difference between UCA, Pop Warner and AYC Cheer?


  • UCA, Pop Warner and AYC offer 3 separate types of competition cheerleading style. You can check out their respective websites to see which fit is for your family.


If our son participates in HC Falcon football, can our daughter cheer JRD?


  • Yes, JRD Cheer supports the NJSYFL teams for game day.


When do the recreation competitions start?


  • JRD Cheer competes in 2-3 local UCA recreation competitions and they start in October.


When is the start and end of the rec game-day season?


  • The season starts in August and ends early November depending upon football playoffs and schedule.


What day of the week are football games played and where do they play?


  • To date, the games are scheduled for Sunday. The home football games are played at Hunterdon Central Stewart Field and the away games will depend upon the current season schedule. Check out: http://www.njsyfl.com/


  • For more information, please contact our